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A Great Summer Trooper

img_2538I finished this Shore Trooper back in December, but it seems fitting to write a post about it in the summer. After all, Rogue One enjoyed a nice tropical last third of the movie where these kind of troopers were all over the place.img_2535

A couple thoughts about the Shore Trooper in general. This is by far my favorite new trooper design since Disney took over Star Wars. I love the use of color on the armor because it is something new but not new just to be different. It fits the look of the environment really well. The Shore Trooper is also somewhat reminiscent of the Scout Trooper from Return of the Jedi, which was one of my favorite OT designs.img_2534

This kit was also my favorite of the Bandai trooper kits so far. The most fun came in painting and weathering this trooper. The box contains three options for the type of trooper you want to build. I decided on the highest ranking trooper, mostly because I liked the color scheme best. As usual, the decals provide the variety of color options, but I knew from past experience that many Bandai decals, especially on round areas like the shoulders, are difficult to work with. Because of this, I masked off the parts that needed the blue paint before I assembled the kit and painted them first. I used a mixture of Tamiya light blue with a little white. Then, a little toothpick work randomly around the paint gave it the chipped look. I did use the decals for the white stripe on the shoulder and the yellow stripe on the arm.img_2526After assembly, a couple of grey washes on the armor and sand on the brown pants highlighted the details. A little sand Tamiya weathering powder also gave the folds of the pants some highlighting. I also dirtied up the lower leg armor and boots a little more because of the likely heavy use in beach and brush environments.img_2537This is a really great kit, which I would buy more of to make different troopers, if I had endless supplies of money. This one will keep me satisfied though. Definitely grab this kit wherever you can find it!

First Order of Business

IMG_0440Everything is looking rather Imperial-y on my workbench, as I just recently finished Bandai’s First Order stormtrooper and have started on the First Order TIE.

The First Order trooper looks great, as I expected. I did very little painting on the figure itself, just a couple coats of gloss and one dull so that he had a little shine but not too much. The troopers in the movies all have good looking armor, at least until they are blown up.

IMG_0443Most of the paint work came on the accessories. All the hands needed white on the palms, which I never noticed while watching the movie. The weapon accessories all came molded in black, and the new blaster design is black, white, and silver. I found it easier to paint the whole thing white and then add in the black and silver highlights. The melee weapon was a similar story.

IMG_0441I chose the now iconic TRAITOR!! look for my trooper for now since it is so different from any trooper look we have seen before. He looks great, with the only minor complaint the blobby looking fist hand.

Up next, the First Order TIE. Here is a little preview.IMG_0445

A Brief Interlude

Typically, I will start thinking about my next project as I finish up the current one. I have a couple cubbies full of kits on my to-build list, and I always debate about what to do next. As I finished up the Republic Cruiser, I concocted a plan to start working on the remaining FineMolds Star Wars kits in numerical production order. With this plan in mind, my next project would be the FineMolds TIE Interceptor, definitely one of my favorite Imperial ships from the movies.


My current selection of FineMolds kit's.

Then something happened: The combination of birthday gift money and Bandai Star Wars kits.

Through many of the various Twitter and Facebook accounts I follow I learned of the new Star Wars license at Bandai and the new model kits they would be producing. At first, I wasn’t entirely sold. They are all snap fit kits, and the current offerings included an X-wing and Vader’s TIE in 1/72 scale and Vader and stormtrooper figures in 1/12 scale. I already have Finemolds kits of the ships, and I didn’t know what to expect with the figures.


I succumbed to the siren song!

With my new influx of money, however, I started checking out a few websites that sold the figure kits. There were two major selling points: The scale is the same as the Hasbro Black Series and the price was about the same as buying the already produced Hasbro figure. As a modeller, the allure of building my own made the purchase a no-brainer.


It wasn't long before I was off and running on this kit.

I was only really interested in the Stormtrooper because I already have Hasbro’s 6-inch Vader figure. He needed some military backup. So, I ordered the kit and impatiently waited for the shipment to arrive from Japan. As soon as I opened the box, I was already impressed. Lots of little detail parts, the option of sticker or waterslide decals, and very detailed visual instructions all made for a great first impression.


Standard stormtrooper pose.

It was not long before I was snapping parts together and witnessing the birth of my own mini-stormtrooper. I can sum up my feelings about this kit in a very few words: Impressive, most impressive. The final figure looks great, everything fit together extremely well, and the only painting I did was a gloss clear coat to help seal the decals. I could have done some weathering on this kit, but I wanted to keep him shiny and save the weathering for the inevitable sandtrooper kit.


Stormie is fully poseable and comes with several weapons and hand options.


My favorite part is that he looks great with my Hasbro 6-inch figures!

I was so impressed with this kit that I already preordered some upcoming sets, a droid 2-pack with R2 and R5 and a C-3P0. I loved this kit and it was a great, easy little diversion before jumping back into the more difficult FineMolds kits. I am very excited for this line to continue!