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Beastly Battlestar

IMG_1924Hey, I actually finished a model kit! That feels like such a rare statement these days other than the Bandai figure kits. Even those can be few and far between. We will just say that I really like to take my time to finish a kit. That sounds like a job interview answer, “I take so long to finish things because I am such a perfectionist.” Something like that…

Down to business. I just finished another great kit from Moebius Models. The massive Battlestar Pegasus from the 2000s BSG TV show. Much of the same praise I have given Moebius before applies here, but I have to admit that after spending plenty of time with the meticulously engineered Bandai kits, it is hard for anyone else to live up to that standard. Fortunately, there were no glaring seams and any smaller ones are fairly camouflaged. Thankfully, because I hate filling seams.IMG_1928I had a few firsts on this kit. This was my first go with photo-etched parts. I bought one of Paragrafix’s photo-etch sets for the landing bay arms and the inside panels on the front piece. I like the little bits of detail they add, but I definitely can’t afford photo-etch kits every time I build a model. Second, I used a Vallejo wash for the first time with the Pegasus. I found it really easy to use, and it gave the kit a great finish. I did not really do much other weathering on this kit, because the wash gave a nice grimier look while making the details pop a bit more.

IMG_1932This model kit is BIG! The picture above shows the Pegasus compared to the TV show’s namesake, the Galactica, and you can see how much bigger the Pegasus is. I still think I like the design of the Galactica better, however. I definitely had to do some shelf reorganizing to display this beast.

IMG_1925Overall, a great kit and a worthy addition to my collection. It was not overly challenging and looks really nice. So say we all!

Moebius’ Cylon Centurion


The first thought I had when I finished this Cylon Centurion kit was, “Crap, if I saw one of these coming at me, I would probably soil myself.” The Cylons are some frightening machines, and this kit captures that intimidating presence well.


This kit is huge!

I loved the look of this kit, and the quality of Moebius Models was not lacking here. The size was probably the most impressive element of the model, and I am anxious to set it next to some of my 1:6 scale Sideshow Collectibles figures to see just how imposing it is.

For the technical details, I painted the armor parts with Model Master chrome silver enamel and the inner parts with Tamiya gunmetal spray enamel. Once that was done, I was still not pleased with how bright the silver was, so I rummaged through my paint stash and found a dark grey metallizer. After thinning it down quite a bit, I airbrushed a light coat over the whole model, which gave it a more realistic look in my opinion. I then added some small touches of Tamiya soot weathering powder to show that this beast had seen a couple firefights. Finally, I topped it all off with a gloss clearcoat to give it a bit of sheen.


Added some blaster scorched to his shoulders.

This kit has just the right balance of cool and creepy. The hands alone give me shivers! There was very little difficult or not to like about the kit. I definitely recommend this to any Battlestar Galactica or sci-fi modeling fan!


This is the only side I would want to encounter!


Some arms with those legs?

The Cylon Centurion build is coming along nicely. This is a quick update on my progress on the Cylon arms. The hands are just plain creepy! Long metal fingers might be the stuff of nightmares. I am continuing to use Tamiya gunmetal spray for the inner workings and chrome silver for the outer shell. Really looking forward to all the parts coming together!

Nice Legs

The next leg (couldn’t resist) of the Cylon Centurion kit is assembled and looking great. The painting has been fairly straightforward: The underparts was sprayed with Tamiya Gunmetal spray enamel and the outer armor was hand painted with Model Master chrome silver enamel. There are a lot of parts to this kit, but it pays off in the level of detail. For example, many manufacturers would make the feet all one piece, but Moebius separates all the separate components with the result that it is easier to paint and looks realistic.

The biggest shock in this step of the build was the size of the legs. Based on how tall the legs are, the finished kit is going to be huge!

Check out a fine pair of robot legs below.



It has been a while since I did any work in progress (WIP) posts, but recently I have come back around to the idea for a couple reasons.

1. I have a new baby at home, which seriously reduces modeling time. I want to keep writing somewhat regularly, so WIP posts are a great way to keep pace with my slower work progress.

2. I really appreciate reading lots of other WIP blogs and want to be a contributing member of the online modeling community. WIP blogging is a great way to share some of my ideas and open myself up to other suggestions. For one of the regular blogs I read, check out Amateur Airplanes over in the “Blogs I Follow” section on the right side of my page.


My newest project is the Cylon Centurion from Moebius Models. I love the Moebius kits for their quality and attention to detail. This kit looks to be no different. The picture above is the completed shoulders and head before weathering. I used an anthracite gray metallic for the wiring and muzzle parts and chrome silver for the outer shell. I intend to dirty it up a bit when it is all finished though. I like my Cylons a little war-hardened.

I noticed more seam issues than I have seen on Moebius kits in the past, so I had to do a little filling on the front of the faceplate. Looking at the rest of the kit, many of the other seams appear fairly camouflaged. I have already gotten a good start on the legs so look for a new post soon.

If you have built this kit, let me know what worked or didn’t work for you.

…And They Have a Plan

A Formidable Opponent

A Formidable Opponent

In the intro to the show Battlestar Galactica the narrator and the screen text always end with the words, “…and they have a plan,” but it has taken me a long time to finish this kit, largely because I didn’t have one. I was waiting for some wing decals to return to stock at the Starship Modeler Store, and I got them a couple months ago but I just did not have the motivation to work on the kit because I had no plan for it. I debated buying the masking set online, as I had heard good reviews on it, but I could not drop the money to pay for it. Finally, I decided to try out a couple of the metalizers lying around my work area. I started with a dark gray metalizer, thinned pretty heavily, and I used my airbrush to cover the entire ship with varying gradations of the color.

A good close-up of the wing. The small green symbol is the decal set I ordered.

A good close-up of the wing. The small green symbol is the decal set I ordered.

After the dark gray coat, I tried out a gunmetal shade the second time. Once again, I heavily thinned the paint, and then used the airbrush to highlight certain areas that I thought should have a darker tint. After those two coats, I was really becoming pleased with the results.

Finally, I added several black washes to the whole ship, in order to fill in a lot of the deep cracks with the simulated dirt look.Rear View B/W

My decisions resulted in a very burnished metal look, which felt appropriate to the BSG universe. I used very little of my weathering powders, because I was already satisfied with the way it looked. I did add one spot to simulate a bullet burn mark, but overall the metalizers and washes created a very realistic looking piece.

Some final thoughts on the kit. This Raider looks great next to my two Vipers, although the size of the Raider surprised me. Either the scale is slightly off, or these fighters would have been some scary suckers to stare down in the middle of combat. The quality of the kit is the typical high quality of Moebius Models. Seams are fairly well-hidden, although I had to do a good amount of filling on the ship’s underside. I chose to sand off the raised logos on the wings and go with the decals from the Starship Modeler Store, and I like the look that they are painted directly on the ship.

One Scary Toaster

One Scary Toaster

Overall, this kit is at a great price point ($25-$35), is high quality, and looks great. If you enjoy Battlestar Galactica, I definitely recommend that you add this kit to your collection.

Raider wing

Staring down fear!

Staring down fear!

Speeding On

I went with a nice chrome finish for the unweathered base coat. I figured it fit in well with the new Blood and Chrome webseries.

I went with a nice chrome finish for the unweathered base coat. I figured it fit in well with the new Blood and Chrome webseries.

I am mostly finished with the Cylon Raider, but I am putting a hold on the project until some decals go back in stock from the Starship Modeler store. In the meantime I decided to move on to another project. This new project means a lot to me because it is the kit that made me quit modeling 20 years ago.

Let me back up for a few minutes and provide some background. When I was a strapping young fellow, I was very into building models in a dark corner of my parent’s basement. I was also a bit of a perfectionist. One day I saw a kit for a Speeder Bike from Return of the Jedi, and I immediately knew I had to have it. It was my grail kit. The one kit to rule them all. When I finally got it (for Christmas, I think), I rushed to the basement to start working on it immediately.

My exuberance quickly waned as my child-fingers did not have the skill nor the patience to match my perfectionist, idealized vision of what I wanted this kit to look like. I finished the kit, but it looked horrible and served as a constant reminder of my poor skill and crushed dreams. For the next 15-20 years I gave up on modeling as life and my lack of confidence closed doors to the hobby.

Just over a year ago, when I took up the hobby again, it was not long before I rekindled my dreams of a super awesome Speeder Bike kit, just the way I envisioned and wanted. When I started scouring eBay for cheap Star Wars model kits, one of the first I bought was the AMT/Ertl Speeder Bike kit. The packaging is one of the newer incarnations, so it looks different than the box I remember, but it is still the same parts.

The box art is definitely cooler than the first issue.

The box art is definitely cooler than the first issue.

So, Speeder Bike kit, Bring it on!