A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

1/72 TIE Interceptor

FineMolds TIE Interceptor


Once again FineMolds produced a great little kit. Straightforward with no big surprises, the TIE Interceptor kit looks great on the shelf next to my FineMolds TIE Fighter.


A close-up view of the front of the cockpit


Some great detail all over this kit.

If you have assembled the standard TIE, this kit comes together in exactly the same way. The cockpit is the first assembly and then the wings come in two parts for easier painting. The black panels can be painted separately and then installed into the frames.


What separates the Fighter from the Interceptor is the paint job. In the movies Interceptors had a bluish hue compared to the standard grey of the Fighter. I achieved this look by combining flat white with intermediate blue. I really like the result.

In addition, I only minimally weathered this kit with a wash and a few smudges here and there. Imperial fighters are just too replaceable to be around long enough to show a lot of wear.

Next up looks to be the FineMolds Y-Wing and finishing off some more of the Bandai figure kits.


Interceptor Time

I have fond memories of the TIE Intercepor from the first time it appeared inĀ Return of the Jedi to spending hours playing Lucasarts’ TIE Fighter on my parents’ old PC. I even had the original Kenner TIE Interceptor, and it was one of my only Star Wars toys that still had a working noise maker. Something about the shape of the wings looked sleeker and better than the standard TIE Fighter.

So I bring all of that wonderful nostalgia into building this TIE Interceptor kit from the late Star Wars line of model kits from FineMolds. So far, no surprises. The basic ball cockpit assembly is exactly like the TIE Fighter. FineMolds usually does a pretty good job of covering up seams, but there are a couple I will have to fill.

I did change the color for the Interceptor because all of the resources I have and my memory from the movies skews to a bluer tint than the original TIE. I did a little experimenting with mixing Intermediate Blue and Flat White and finally got a mixture that I like. The pictures below show the first steps with this kit. I look forward to setting this TIE next to my other on the shelf.


Standard cockpit design with my blue-gray paint mixture. I like how the tint turned out.


An attempt to get a closer look inside the cockpit. The wall decals show up pretty well and you can see an outline of the TIE Pilot. Once the clear piece goes on the front it will be much harder to see inside.