A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

You Know How to Fly This Thing?

IMG_0203One of my favorite things about the scale model hobby is the opportunity to constantly learn new skills. On the Revell Ford Tri-Motor kit I learned how to make my own decals and tried to advance my seam filling skills. The former was really easy, the latter is still a work in progress.IMG_0202

This kit from Revell is not high quality. The parts did not fit well at all, and it lacks in detail. In other words, the perfect kit to customize for this Indiana Jones lover. I used the ILM model and props book for visual reference and did my best with what the kit had to offer.IMG_0200I did a minimal amount of weathering with a dark gray wash and some soot streaks, but the biggest addition was my custom decal of the Lao Che Freight logo. Easy to make and full of the extra character the kit needed, it was a worthwhile diversion with minimal research. Check out this previous post for more details about the decal-making process.IMG_0204

I probably spent far more time on this kit than I needed to, but it was a nice change of pace from the usual Star Wars lineup. Plus, I learned some new skills in the process. As someone who loves to learn, I am always appreciative of new challenges. Heading on to another Bandai Star Wars kit next!IMG_0205

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