A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

Embarking on an Adventure

Everything is ready for flight.

Everything is ready for flight.

Not much news on the FineMolds Y-Wing right now. You can see it in the background of the above picture, waiting for weathering effects. I tried Pledge floor wax as a clear coat this time in prep for an oil gunk wash. This will be the first time I try an oil gunk wash, but I am still waiting to get some oil paint thinner. Thanks to @modelmakingguru on Twitter for the video on doing an oil gunk wash! Check out his webpage.

The next adventure on my shelf will be quite the foray into customizing. I found an old Revell Ford Tri-Motor kit on eBay a while back and nabbed it on the cheap when I realized it was the same plane as appears in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Thanks to my great book resource on the Lucasfilm archives, From Star Wars to Indiana Jones, there is a great pic of the plane for reference. I am not worried about the special paint job, but I plan on trying to make my own decals for the Lao Che Freight logo around the door. This will be a new adventure for me, so if anyone has any suggestions or tips on making decals, let me know. I would appreciate the help! Fortunately, the kit looks like it will be an easy build. Hopefully I will get an update out soon! (that goes for the Y-Wing too…)

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