A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

Tiny Cockpits

I love painting tiny little people and cockpits. Usually, on any sort of ship model, the cockpit and pilot is always the first step. This step involves lots of tiny detail painting and waiting for the paint to dry. I find a lot of satisfaction, however, in watching the progress as the mini figure comes to life. The process for the FineMolds Y-Wing has been no different.


Gold Leader standing by

I chose to go with the Gold Leader scheme for this Y-Wing, so he had unique decals and a different paint scheme on his helmet. He still has the standard Rebel Orange uniform. Unlike some other FineMolds kits, this one came with no extra figures.


Work moves ahead

After the cockpit, the rest of the build has commenced smoothly. There is not a lot of paint variation on the Y-Wing so it will be a straightforward build, prime, and paint. So far, it looks like this will be a great addition to my display shelves.

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