A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

Transition Time

Periods of transition often bring a mixed bag of emotions. You are proud of previous accomplishments but nervous about the unknown to come. In a much less life-altering way, the transition on your model workbench offers some of the same emotions. I look back and see the fruits of my previous work, and I look ahead to see the unknown of a new project. I have yet to mention, however, one of the greatest emotions in transition times: excitement! More than any other feeling, excitement grabs my imagination and helps me look ahead to what is coming. There may be difficulties, but the idea of something new and challenging gets my blood pumping. So, here is the state of transition at my workbench.


So many cool gadgets and ways to display these little guys.

I just finished building the two-pack set of droids from Bandai’s new line of Star Wars kits. The box comes with everything needed for R5-D4 and, of course, R2-D2. In addition to the droids, there are a boatload of accessories for R2 and all kinds of hidden panels to display them. The kits are easy to assemble, but I took it upon myself to grime them up quite a bit, with the goal of the “just rolled through Tatooine sands for hours” look. These two little guys are impressive. Essentially, you are building your own fully-poseable action figures with these models, which is way more fun than buying something off the shelf. If you have not checked out the Bandai Star Wars kits, what are you waiting for?!


The current state of my workbench.

On the horizon is the 1/72 Y-Wing kit from FineMolds. This kit is no longer available at retail, but you can probably find it on eBay. I always look forward to FineMolds kits because they assemble well and have fantastic detail. The hardest decision is what paint and decal scheme to use. I am leaning towards Gold Leader, although there are full decals for Gold 2 and Gold 3 as well.

Hopefully, I can do some regular posting over the course of building the Y-Wing. I can already tell it will be a great kit!

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