A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

Slow Build

What happened to the summer?! I had such great plans to finish my Star Destroyer kit, and here I am still chugging along with school about to start again.

Here is a brief look at what I did accomplish this summer:


The underbelly of the beast.

Before doing any lighting I assembled and painted the ship’s belly. The red stripes were masked and the rest of the painting was a simple base coat with darker highlighted areas.

When it came time to start drilling holes for the fiber optics, I was pretty enthusiastic. A few holes in and a couple broken bits later, and I was ready to throw everything across the room. In the process so far, I have considered several times whether this lighting endeavor was going to be worth it. There is a lot of tedium and time investment involved, but I have committed and want to see it completed. So I truck along.


The first steps of installing fiber optics

In the picture above I tried to show the initial placement of the fiber optics. Here, I have installed the larger diameter fibers. I followed these with a whole bunch of small fibers along all the sides of the ship. Finally, I attached LEDs to the fiber bundles and the side panel lighting is complete.

As of right now, I am working on the bridge and tower lighting, and I am getting more comfortable with the whole process. It is still tedious and time-consuming, but I have more hope that the end result will be worth it and that there actually will be an end result…sometime…

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