A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

Summer Project

Normally I would be much more ambitious than trying to finish only one model over the summer, but my building speed is considerably hindered these days. Between a five-month old baby and some other house projects, I have my hands quite full this year. In addition, I am trying something new on the next kit: fiber optic lighting!

This summer I will be working on the Republic-era Star Destroyer made by Revell. This is the only Revell Star Wars kit I know of that is not snap fit, and so far I am happy with the quality. I know that Revell makes quality non-Star Wars kits, but many of the snap kits are cheap looking, so I was not sure what to expect.

I bought a lighting kit from Madman Lighting with great directions and photos to help with assembly. I am still a little nervous about lighting, but I will be posting along the way for anyone else who wants to undertake such a project. Whether I finish by the end of summer or not, I will definitely stay busy!


Initial Bridge towers. Actual bridge must be installed after lighting.

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