A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

Summer Project

Locomotive Front

In the midst of a big move and some big news (wife and I are having a baby!) this summer, I squeezed in one model build. I picked out a 1/87 Big Boy Locomotive by Revell from my stash. I bought this kit a while ago with a gift card because I have always been interested in trains. Unfortunately, I was not particularly inspired by the kit.

I can’t leave anything unfinished, however, so I trudged my way through the kit sporadically throughout the summer. My main issue with the kit was not its quality. The parts were solid, the detail was good, and the seams were nicely camouflaged. If you really like trains and locomotive history, you would probably enjoy this kit.

My biggest problem turned out to be my interest in the subject. I have always been intrigued by trains, but as I built this kit, I had no connection to the story behind the kit. All the other kits I enjoy building have some sort of character. I love Star Wars and other sci-fi vehicles because they are sometimes just as much characters in the story as the human ones. The Millenium Falcon is a prime example. The other real vehicle kits I built have some sort of personal connection for me. This train just did not connect with me on a personal level.

The other reason I was slow to complete this kit was the painting. The paint job was a simple, uninspiring black and silver scheme, and I quickly grew tired of painting wheel after wheel after wheel. I also got tired of painting wood rail after wood rail after wood rail. Overall, I found the whole build monotonous and uninteresting. I included some pictures of the finished kit, but I will not include the Big Boy Locomotive among my favorite all-time builds. I guess it was a good one to build while distracted with other major life changes.

Locomotive front side         Locomotive coal car

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