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The Time Has Finally Come

Delorean Full View

I have to admit that I can’t resist the time puns in my posts about the Delorean Time Machine. Maybe it’s the language nerd inside of me. Or maybe it’s just a really dry sense of humor…

I finally have found the opportunity to post some pictures and final thoughts on my recently finished AMT Delorean model kit. The kit was not too difficult overall, but it did include quite a bit of detailed paint work, and some of the pieces were troublesome fits. I attribute the latter to the fact that the kit is old and doesn’t benefit from the advances in molding technology.

The complicated back part of the modified Delorean

The complicated back part of the modified Delorean


  • The kit is a good representation of the car from the second film. The kit also has the option to display it with the wheels down or up.
  • The body came in two primary parts, and everything else was attached to it. This made the assembly straightforward.


  • The parts that facilitated the movement of the wheels were flimsy, and one of mine broke after it was assembled. It was next to impossible to fix this without taking apart a good chunk of the assembly.
  • Lots of detailed hand painting. I only used my airbrush for the base color of the car. Everything else was done by hand. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be tedious.
Lots of nice touches on the interior, including a clock sitting on the time machine panel.

Lots of nice touches on the interior, including a clock sitting on the time machine panel.

Some final thoughts:

I did not do a lot of weathering on this kit, mainly because the car in the movie is not too banged up. I used small amounts of weathering powder to show spots of dirt and rust, but beyond that I left the kit as is.

I know there are some newer kits out there that are aligned with the specific versions of the car from each movie, but if you can find this kit for a good price on the internet (I paid about $15 on ebay), it is not a bad little purchase. It took me a long time to build because life has been busy and because cars (even ones from movies I love) just don’t have as much appeal for me as other types of vehicles. Overall, however, I am pleased with the final outcome, and it will add some nice variety to my collection. Enjoy some more pictures!

Delorean Front View

Delorean Back View



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