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…And They Have a Plan

A Formidable Opponent

A Formidable Opponent

In the intro to the show Battlestar Galactica the narrator and the screen text always end with the words, “…and they have a plan,” but it has taken me a long time to finish this kit, largely because I didn’t have one. I was waiting for some wing decals to return to stock at the Starship Modeler Store, and I got them a couple months ago but I just did not have the motivation to work on the kit because I had no plan for it. I debated buying the masking set online, as I had heard good reviews on it, but I could not drop the money to pay for it. Finally, I decided to try out a couple of the metalizers lying around my work area. I started with a dark gray metalizer, thinned pretty heavily, and I used my airbrush to cover the entire ship with varying gradations of the color.

A good close-up of the wing. The small green symbol is the decal set I ordered.

A good close-up of the wing. The small green symbol is the decal set I ordered.

After the dark gray coat, I tried out a gunmetal shade the second time. Once again, I heavily thinned the paint, and then used the airbrush to highlight certain areas that I thought should have a darker tint. After those two coats, I was really becoming pleased with the results.

Finally, I added several black washes to the whole ship, in order to fill in a lot of the deep cracks with the simulated dirt look.Rear View B/W

My decisions resulted in a very burnished metal look, which felt appropriate to the BSG universe. I used very little of my weathering powders, because I was already satisfied with the way it looked. I did add one spot to simulate a bullet burn mark, but overall the metalizers and washes created a very realistic looking piece.

Some final thoughts on the kit. This Raider looks great next to my two Vipers, although the size of the Raider surprised me. Either the scale is slightly off, or these fighters would have been some scary suckers to stare down in the middle of combat. The quality of the kit is the typical high quality of Moebius Models. Seams are fairly well-hidden, although I had to do a good amount of filling on the ship’s underside. I chose to sand off the raised logos on the wings and go with the decals from the Starship Modeler Store, and I like the look that they are painted directly on the ship.

One Scary Toaster

One Scary Toaster

Overall, this kit is at a great price point ($25-$35), is high quality, and looks great. If you enjoy Battlestar Galactica, I definitely recommend that you add this kit to your collection.

Raider wing

Staring down fear!

Staring down fear!

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