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Quick Speeder Bike Update

My original paint job on the engine. Eventually changed most of it to black.

My original paint job on the engine. Eventually changed most of it to black.

I have been hard at work on the AMT Speeder Bike, and I decided it was time for an update and a few thoughts. After spending a good chunk of time on this kit, I now know why I got so frustrated as a kid. There are lots of small parts, and the fit on some of the parts is subpar, at best.

A few thoughts at this point in the build: I really like the way the kit is turning out. I have used a few references for the kit, including my speeder bike toy from the 90s and the book From Star Wars to Indiana Jones, which showcases models and props from the Lucasfilm Archives. I mainly used these references because the painting instructions for this kit were worthless. The suggested c0lors ranged from 5 different shades of grey to black, and that was not how I remembered the speeders in the movies.

I once again used the hard silver enamel base coat with a softer acrylic top coat. So far, the results are proving even better than my Corporate Alliance Droid kit. Also, I went with the Tamiya flat brown for my top coat. All my memories of speeder bikes cry out brown, and I could not do this kit in any other color.

The kit has a good amount of detail overall, but some of the parts needed some extra love to fit properly. For the speeder element of the kit, there were not too many spots that needed filling, but the Scout Trooper was another matter. I will talk about him in a future post…

Top: 90s speeder bike toyBottom: mostly complete model version

Top: 90s speeder bike toy
Bottom: mostly complete model version

My biggest complaint with this version of the Speeder Bike kit is the in-flight stand. I had many near-heart attacks, broken pieces and angry words while trying to insert the speeder into the small hole in the plastic disk. In addition, the stand would take up a huge amount of space on my shelves, of which I have precious little. Ultimately, I decided the frustration and potentially ruined model were not worth the trouble, so I put the kit on the backburner and ordered a new stand for it.

On the positive side, I really love how the scratched brown and silver undercoat have turned out. I tend to over-weather, and I think I found a good balance on this kit.

I am still working on the Scout Trooper, and hopefully I will get my stand order sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I am returning my focus to the Cylon Raider. Final pics coming soon!

Speeder is finished, while the Scout Trooper awaits some attention

Speeder is finished, while the Scout Trooper awaits some attention

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