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Speeding On

I went with a nice chrome finish for the unweathered base coat. I figured it fit in well with the new Blood and Chrome webseries.

I went with a nice chrome finish for the unweathered base coat. I figured it fit in well with the new Blood and Chrome webseries.

I am mostly finished with the Cylon Raider, but I am putting a hold on the project until some decals go back in stock from the Starship Modeler store. In the meantime I decided to move on to another project. This new project means a lot to me because it is the kit that made me quit modeling 20 years ago.

Let me back up for a few minutes and provide some background. When I was a strapping young fellow, I was very into building models in a dark corner of my parent’s basement. I was also a bit of a perfectionist. One day I saw a kit for a Speeder Bike from Return of the Jedi, and I immediately knew I had to have it. It was my grail kit. The one kit to rule them all. When I finally got it (for Christmas, I think), I rushed to the basement to start working on it immediately.

My exuberance quickly waned as my child-fingers did not have the skill nor the patience to match my perfectionist, idealized vision of what I wanted this kit to look like. I finished the kit, but it looked horrible and served as a constant reminder of my poor skill and crushed dreams. For the next 15-20 years I gave up on modeling as life and my lack of confidence closed doors to the hobby.

Just over a year ago, when I took up the hobby again, it was not long before I rekindled my dreams of a super awesome Speeder Bike kit, just the way I envisioned and wanted. When I started scouring eBay for cheap Star Wars model kits, one of the first I bought was the AMT/Ertl Speeder Bike kit. The packaging is one of the newer incarnations, so it looks different than the box I remember, but it is still the same parts.

The box art is definitely cooler than the first issue.

The box art is definitely cooler than the first issue.

So, Speeder Bike kit, Bring it on!

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  1. Mike Wright

    I remember building one when I was younger myself. It turned out ok, but I have learned so much more since then. I have a few more Star Wars models on the shelf to get to but I think I may give this one a shot again as well. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. BTW I finished the new Cylon Raider a couple of months ago and used the vinyl masking set I got from Starship Modeler, and they worked great. First time I ever used them, I also got a lighting kit for it as well. That roving red eye just set it off. Thanks for posting your work, I enjoy seeing it and getting ideas from you pros.

    December 23, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    • Mike,
      I have been on the fence about the masks, but it sounds like they are worth it. Did it come with recommendations for paint colors? If not, what colors did you end up using?

      December 24, 2012 at 1:15 pm

      • Mike Wright

        I don’t recall them recomending any colors. I am still having problems learning to properly thin paint for an airbrush , so I have been useing spray cans quite a bit. On the Raider I primed it with flat black and sprayed a light coat of metalic silver over it. After it dried I added some of the masks and gave it another light coat, and one more time with the masks and paint after that. I don’t have a hobby store close to the house, the closest is over an hour away so most of the time I just run over to the local Ace hardware store. They have cans of Rust-oleum Metallic paint that in my opinion work great for models that need a metalic look. I have found out that whatever your primer color is, it ” bleeds” through the metallic paint. On the Raider I primed in flat black like I said and the first light coat of of metallic came through as a sooty jet engine color, and each coat after got progressively shineyer. I also done this with a Corporate Alliance Droid useing a rust colored primer. My first coat of Metalic on that was a little heavier on that one and it produced a pitted metal look that had the rust primer underneath . I thought it looked really good, a lot of the cracks and indentions on the droid had lighter metallic on them and the rust came through a bit more. Once all the spraying is done I just weathered with some washes and such. Also back to the paint masks, I thought they worked great. For the first time I didn’t get any paint run under them like I sometimes do with tape. Maybe it was just luck, but I was happy not to have to do all the cutting and such. Looking forward to your next post, and any tips that come my way. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

        December 25, 2012 at 7:11 am

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