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A question for the Star Wars modelers

I have never asked for feedback on this blog before, but I am curious on opinions about Millennium Falcon kits. The Millennium Falcon is a kit that I know I want to build at some point, but there are a few options. I am wondering what people’s thoughts are about spending more money for the 1/72 scale FineMolds kit compared to getting the older, cheaper MPC/Ertl kit and then after market upgrading the heck out of it. Any thoughts from the vast expanse of the Internet would be appreciated. Thanks!

2 responses

  1. Michael Wright

    Hey, I really enjoy seeing your work for starters, OUTSTANDING!! My opinion on the Falcon question is the 1/72 FineMolds is VERY detailed and looks awesome, 800+ parts and they are some small ones. I have one to build, but I am practicing on the MPC version first. I just got back into model building about a year ago and my painting skills need to be brushed up on first. I would hate to ruin a $250 model. By looking at the boxed kit I would say you can’t beat it from a builders standpoint. The cost is a little bit high though, and I won’t be buying another for a while. The MPC/Ertl is a little bit larger scale and looks almost as good with aftermarket parts and a little patience. They have the opened version which is great for a lighted landed display, and the other for in flight display. Tracking down aftermarket kits was a little time consuming as well as waiting for them to be available. Still the price of the kit plus all the extras is still considerably lower than the FineMolds version. From what I have seen of your work, you could do either with fantastic results. I suppose it all boils down to what you are comfortable spending. Thanks for letting me express my thoughts! Look forward to seeing what you do with the Falcon.

    November 18, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    • Thanks for the input! I am kind of waiting until after Christmas to see what I have to work with, but hopefully by the end of January I will have some sort of Falcon kit in my hands!

      December 2, 2012 at 10:10 pm

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