A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

Ready to Join Rogue Squadron

I am going to put all my cards on the table right away and say that the 1/72 X-Wing Fighter kit by FineMolds is absolutely fantastic. I finally finished putting this one together even in the midst of the beginning of the school year and all of the chaos that goes along with preparing for that.

The X-Wing is both one of the most beloved vehicles in the Star Wars saga and also my absolute favorite ship in the Star Wars galaxy (many hours of playing Rogue Squadron for N64 and Gamecube cemented this snub fighter firmly in my consciousness). Because of this high standing, it was incredibly rewarding to construct this little thing of beauty.

I will begin with some very minimal negatives about the kit. The display stand is a little boring. It provides a good resting position for an in-flight look, but there is nothing particularly flashy or unique about it. As a result, however, I feel challenged to create a better stand, and I hope to do something that combines the X-Wing with the TIE Fighter in some sort of combat position.

One other suggestion that I think could be cool. FineMolds should produce a slightly higher priced set that includes enough for 2 full X-Wings. They already have all of the decals included for Red 1-5, and who wouldn’t want a Luke and Wedge, or Luke and Biggs flying in formation in their ¬†display cases?

Close-up of the backside

Now, onto all of the really great things about this model kit. The detail is really superb for the small scale. Everything from R2’s dome to the small marks that cover the sides of the ship make for an incredibly realistic final product.

The overall build was appropriately challenging, with a few complex parts that required careful attention, but nothing that caused frustration or anger! The decals, on the other hand, were occasionally tedious, especially some of the small black marks that cover parts of the torpedo wells and the sides of the fuselage.

A close view of R2 and the cockpit

One of the biggest challenges of the kit was giving proper homage to the worn look of the X-Wing fighter. These guys have seen quite a bit of battle action, and they need to look the part. In the past, I have tended to over-weather some of my kits, so I tried to live by the mantra of “less is more” this time. I gave the whole kit a dark gray wash and then went in with some snow weathering powder for edges and soot for areas around the engines and exhaust. I think I struck a pretty decent balance this time around.

As I was reflecting on the kit, there were a few things I want to improve for the future. One, I wish I had done some more sanding and filling to take away some of the lines. Two, I would like to do some more experimenting with washes. I like what I have, but I would like to try some different mixes depending on the project and the story I want to tell with the kit.

This was a long post, but there are so many things to talk about with this kit. If you are considering buying this one, do it NOW! The retail cost is quite reasonable (~$30), and the overall quality of the kit is outstanding. Enjoy and May the Force be With You!

One of my favorite views of the X-Wing

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