A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

Finishing Touches

The finishing processes on the Viper first involved a couple coats of a dark gray wash. These gave it a used and dirty look across the entire kit. I also finally added the clear cockpit piece.

Next, I was ready to get out the weathering material. I used the soot color quite extensively on the crevices and around the engines, some snow around darker edges, and some rust spots here and there. Then, I used the soot color again to make some blast marks on random places on the ship. I topped these blast marks with some aluminum metalizer to simulate a hit that went down to the metal frame of the ship.

So, here are the pics of the final result. I am quite proud of the final product!






The final photo shows a nice contrast between the old style Viper and the new one. Now I need a Cylon Raider to complement these lovely birds!

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