A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

All Systems Go!

After choosing not to assemble the landing gear for an in-flight look to the kit, the first step involved assembling the cockpit. I briefly considered buying the photoetched detailed cockpit from Starship Modeler, but since I am not to the point of adding lighting yet, I decided it wasn’t worth the extra cost. The assembly of the cockpit was easy; the only elements that took a little more time were the decals and small detail painting.

Cockpit assembly: Main piece, two sides, and some small panels at the front.

After I finished the cockpit, I needed to add the pilot figure. The paint instructions for the figure were the same as the last Viper kit I made, but I wasn’t overly thrilled with the result of the interior green and gold mix. I looked at some pictures of the Viper pilot suits and thought that they were a darker green so I mixed the dark green with just a little bit of gold to add a metallic sheen. Then, I painted the vest and some other minor details a dark grey to offset it from the rest of the suit, which is closer to the actual flight suits.

You can see the contrasting colors on the flight suit here

This gives a decent angle on the control panel

With the cockpit finished, I could start work on the fuselage, and the first and most important thing to do was give it a coat of paint. I sprayed all of the main ship parts with a gloss white enamel (the one that accidentally made its way onto the bottom of my snowspeeder…), and they were ready to go.

All of the parts for the main fuselage

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