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So Say We All

Box art and instructions

Summer has arrived, and with it, lots of free time to work on models. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have enough money to keep up with all the free time, but I will do as much as I possibly can. This next kit takes me back to the Battlestar Galactica universe and serves as a link between the original series and the more recent reimagined series. The ship is the Viper MK II, which is the older version of the ship I built a couple months ago. This ship design was used in the original Battlestar Galactica TV show, but the new show used a few of this model with particular characters.

I am actually a little bit behind in my posts because I started this kit while I was waiting for the weathering material for the Snowspeeder. I have been documenting the progress with pictures, but I have yet to post updates here. I have a bit of OCD when it comes to finishing one thing before starting another.

So, here are some first impressions of the BSG Viper MK II kit. The quality of the kit is on par with other Moebius kits. The plastic parts are solid and the sprues are located in spots where they can easily be sanded down. Unlike the other Viper kit, there is only a male pilot figure. I am a little concerned about the decals because I have had problems with brittleness on other Moebius kits, and there are a lot of large decals. Some decal setting solution should help with that problem, however.

Male pilot figure and decals

All of the parts, molded in white so you don’t have to paint if you don’t want to.

The scale of the kit is the same as the previous Viper I built, so they will look nice sitting together in my display case. Overall, the kit does not look too difficult either to build or paint, and it is coming together quite quickly. Another update will follow shortly.

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