A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

Botch, Recover, Finish

Everything was set for the perfect finish. I received my weathering powder in the mail, added the finishing touches, and was ready for a final clear coat. I grabbed my spray can, shook it, popped it open, and pushed. All of a sudden the bottom of my Snowspeeder was a lovely shade of gloss white…My brain didn’t fully process what had happened for several seconds, and then I quickly grabbed a paper towel and wiped off as much of the white as I could. The blunder that got me here 10 seconds earlier was my careless grab for a spray bottle without glancing at the color. I had forgotten that I recently bought a gloss white spray can for my next kit, grabbed the nearest spray can and went for it. Major botch-up!

After my consternation and disappointment faded, I tried to recover and justify as much as possible what happened. It’s a snowspeeder, so the underside might naturally look a little whiter. I also took another dark gray wash to the bottom to give the details some definition again. It’s not fantastic, and I’m really disappointed this happened on what was arguably my best work yet, but at least it’s the underside and not the top.

With that confession off my chest, here’s a short video tour of the final build for the Snowspeeder. It still remains, in my opinion, my best build yet (on the top, at least), and I feel that I am really getting the hang of some of the finer elements of the hobby. Enjoy!

Finally, to close out the Snowspeeder build, here are some photos, some with added effects.

Snowspeeder with stand

Bleached effects

Naturally I had to have a photo with the “Hoth” filter

White and black filter makes it look like a production still

A close up of cockpit and laser mount

A quick glance into the cockpit

Tow cable and rear brakes with weathered burn marks

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