A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

Red 2 Standing By

Since the last update, only a few changes have happened. I added the tow cable harpoon and the air brakes. One of the many neat things about this kit is the ability to install the brakes open/closed or up/down. I installed the rear brakes in the down position and the right air brake open. It’s hard to see the rear brakes in the picture, but you can see the open air brake.

Then I added all of the decals. I chose the orange scheme and made it Wedge’s instead of the grey for Luke’s speeder. I like how the orange matches the pilot uniforms.

Now that everything is assembled and decaled, I can begin weathering work. Building this kit, however, has made me want to go play The GameCube Rogue Squadron game. Hopefully that won’t keep me from more updates!

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