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Lasers, Jumpsuits, and Moving Parts

This entry will be a bit of an image dump, as I have made significant progress since the last post. The snowspeeder kit has been surprisingly easy to put together, and I am pleased to be making such progress so quickly.

First, here are some images from the construction of the speeder’s body. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but the cockpit is quite detailed and has different panels based on the pilot’s and the gunner’s seats. All of the parts fit really well together, which creates a low-stress and fun working environment.

Clockwise from top left: Basic mainframe, cockpit built in, lasers mounted

Next, I had to assemble and paint the pilot figurines. Since the scale of the kit is 1/48, the figures are bigger than some of the previous kits I have done, but nonetheless, still difficult. I had to mix up a good orange color for the jumpsuits by combining international orange with a base primer. The visors on the helmets are painted clear orange, which gives the impression of a tinted glass material. So, let me show you a picture of the movie costume side-by-side with the final paint job on my guys.

Hands down is the pilot, hands up is the gunner

The only part of the painted figures that I did not do by hand is the Rebel Alliance logos on their helmets. Upon comparison, I am quite proud of the finished job, and I feel like this is one of the clearest examples of how far I have come in my ability to do detail painting.

Here is the speeder with the pilots in place.

Finally, I worked on the cockpit panel/door, which has a moving component element. I had to be very careful with the glue on this part, because the main part of the door needed to move up and down, as if the pilots could crawl in and out of it. I was a little worried about the results, but everything turned out fine, and the piece is able to move like it should.

The black pieces in the back needed to avoid glue so they could rotate in a small section.

Everything is in place and moves correctly!

The last picture below shows the almost complete assembly with a light gray base coat, from which I can add decals and weathering effects, as well as a few more detail parts. Check back soon for these updates!

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