A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

A Connection to the Past

One of the really neat things about building model kits based on real vehicles is a feeling of connection with our past. When I was building the B-17 model I felt closer to my Grandpa in a way that I never had before because I caught a glimpse of his every day life in the small details of the kit. Without ever experiencing what he did while flying in World War II, I felt a kind of familiarity with his environment.

I have no personal connection with the P-40 Warhawk, but I had a similar experience. When I am building spaceship models, I can picture the characters from films or TV shows and have a very preset visual dictionary of the universe. On the P-40 Warhawk my imagination could run free, so that I could visualize the person who sat in the pilot’s chair, and recollect his view as he looked down the nose of the plane at an approaching enemy craft.

This kit has helped expand my horizons beyond science fiction models, as I have had not only a rewarding creative experience, but also a rewarding educational and imaginative experience. The kit was by no means difficult, nor was it the highest quality, but in many ways it satisfied a part of me that fiction can never fill.

So, enjoy the pictures of my final product! I used the Camera Awesome app (cheesy name, excellent photo app) to add some various filters and effects to the shots. My hope was that these effects add to the rich story told by an historical aircraft.

I love that this filter is called "Hoth"

This is a good shot to show the small scale of the kit (1/72)

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