A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

A Quick Build

I have had a little more time to work this week than a normal week, so I have been able to advance pretty far on the Warhawk. It has helped that the plane has been a quick, easy build. The main body of the plane is primarily larger parts, while the only more detailed work so far has been the cockpit.

Started with the cockpit and fuselage sides

The inside color is primarily various shades of green, including interior green and olive drab. There is no pilot figure included with this kit. The only thing missing from this picture is the black and silver control panel, which I added in when I glued the two sides of the fuselage together.






After putting the fuselage together, there were some areas with fairly large gaps, so I had to fill them in with putty and then sand it down. Once the fuselage was complete, it was a simple matter of gluing the wings together and then onto the fuselage. At this point, it looks like the kit is almost done! There are, of course, still several steps left to add landing gear and bombs to the underside, but it did not take long to look near complete.

Less than a week to get to this point!

I will be interested to compare this kit to my Jedi Starfighter when it is finished because they are the same scale. It will help give a realistic point of reference to the Star Wars universe.

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