A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

Almost Ready for Combat

Step-by-step of the jet engines

Only one section of the ship remained before I could start the final assembly process: the jet engines. The instructions recommended a base coat of Jet Exhaust with a second coat of Exhaust metallizer. The base coat looked like a really strange color for jet engines, so I was hopeful that the metallizer would give the engines a more realistic look. You can see the results in the above picture. The first picture shows the assembly, then the base coat of Jet Exhaust, and the final result with the metallizer. I also had to throw in a shot of my required metallizing gear. Without the face mask, I would be inhaling way too many fumes, and the ear plugs keep me from going deaf from the sounds of the air compressor.

Starting to look like a real ship!

The final assembly process was really easy and only involved gluing each successive part from the bottom up. Some of the seams were not totally snug, so I will probably go back and use some putty to fill in the cracks and then touch up with my gray base coat. I do not plan on adding the clear cockpit cover until I have done most of the weathering, so I can avoid getting excess paint on the clear plastic.

Right now the Viper looks like it has just come off the assembly line and is dying to see some action. Hopefully I can give it as much pretend action as possible!

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