A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

BSG Viper Week 2

This week was the first time that I tried out a metallizer paint on a model kit.


Gunmetal metallizer on the gun


Close-up of aluminum metallizer on underside

The landing gear bays were painted with a base coat of aluminum, and then I used an aluminum metallizer with the airbrush. I didn’t know what to expect from the result, but it really looks like metal. I also used a gunmetal metallizer on the guns, but the metal effect was much less noticeable there.

The metallizer on the underside put the finishing touches on the lower part of the fuselage. I was a little unsure how stable the landing gear would rest, but the result looks good and keeps the model sturdy.


Lower fuselage complete!

Finally, this week I got a chance to work on the pilot figure. I originally had said that I would go with the male version of the figure, but I looked in my other Viper kit, and a male is the only option for that kit. Thus, I decided to go the female route with this ship and make it Starbuck’s Viper.

The kit instructions suggested the use of metallic gold for the helmet visor and a mixture of green and gold for the pilot flight uniform. I tried this suggestion first, and I was not really satisfied with the results. The gold of the visor was too close in color to the gold/green mix of the uniform. Also, the gold in the paint mixture considerably overpowered the green, so the whole figure just looked like one big glob of gold.

To fix the problem, I went with black for the helmet visor, and I mixed up a thinned-down green to paint over the top of the gold mixture. This resulted in a better incandescent green look than my original mixture and the helmet visor stood out much better. Here’s a look at the final result. The right hand is holding the control stick.

Final version of the pilot with my slight modifications

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