A glimpse into my scale modeling hobby

BSG Viper Week 1 Progress Update

I don’t have a lot of time during the week to work on model kits, so the weekend is the only chance I get to make any significant progress. Because of this schedule, my goal is to post weekly updates on the weekends about my progress on whatever kit I am working on. Without further ado, here is the first week’s progress.

The first steps involved building the stabilizer fin. One of the three guns will go into the fin, and you can see the small gun painted with gunmetal just below the finished ship portion. The landing gear to the right were painted with steel.

Before I inserted the gun into the finished portion of the hull, I wanted to make sure that everything was painted and airbrushed how I wanted, so that I have to worry less about paint getting where it does not belong. I took the opportunity to airbrush all of the main hull parts with the base color I chose. I did deviate slightly from the suggested Pale Metallic Blue for the hull, and went with a Lichtblau acrylic, which looked like it had less of a blue tint. You can see the results of the first airbrush coat with this color. I was not thrilled.

Light blue initial airbrush coat. Not my favorite.

Once this coat dried, I decided to try out a different gray color I had on hand, called Dark Ghost Gray. I had used this color on previous kits and remembered that it had the appropriate hint of blue that the ship has in the show. The second picture of the main hull parts shows the new gray base coat, which I am much happier with, and I think will provide a really excellent base coat to work from.

Much better!

Finally, I was able to work on some of the detail for the lower half of the hull. I painted the small opening near the nose and the two larger openings near the back on the bottom of the hull with aluminum, as these are the landing gear bays. I also painted the insides of the landing gear panels–you can see these in the last picture, still attached to the frames–the same aluminum color because they will be glued onto the bottom of the hull. The reason I painted all of these parts at the same time is so I can easily go back with my airbrush and use the metallizer on both the aluminum parts and the gunmetal parts.

Aluminum landing gear bays and doors

Everything is coming together very well so far, and the individual pieces continue to impress with their level of detail. Check back next week for the next update!

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